Group Members

Fall 2021 Lab Group Photo

Dr. Mark C. Harrison

Assistant Professor, Fowler School of Engineering

Dr. Harrison earned his B.S., M.S., and Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Southern California. After completing his education, he worked in industry in diverse roles before joining the faculty at Chapman.

Undergraduate Researchers

Scott Cummings

Scott Cummings is a Junior Computer Science major with minors in Visual Effects and Game Development Programming. He spends his free time running a weekly Dungeons and Dragons game and writing narrative fiction. He also works as a Liaison to the Fowler School of Engineering and interns at Katch Media as a Data Analyst.

Michael Efseaff

Michael Efseaff is a Computer Science Major with a minor in Game Development Programming. In his free time, Michael enjoys cooking, water polo, and video games. In the future, Michael hopes to work in the game industry or in a field relating to machine learning and advanced AI.

Samuel Ellenhorn

Samuel Ellenhorn is a senior majoring in Computer Science. He believes that computers offer extended physical capability which result in potential solutions to problems that would otherwise be insurmountable. When not studying, or building computers, Samuel enjoys volunteering at a local food bank, surfing, playing basketball and listening to music.

Nicholas Mirchandani

Nicholas Mirchandani is a Junior from South Florida studying Computer Science and Game Development Programming.  Beyond being unmistakably interested in math and science, he’s also been an avid musician for the last 18 years.  He believes that the best way to learn is to fail, so he frequently spends his time failing at something new.

Krishna Narayan

Krishna Narayan is a VFX/Computer Science major from the Bay Area. He spends his free time coding, 3D modelling, working on FX simulations, listening to music, and drawing. 

Open Positions

The Harrison Research Lab is looking for new members! If you are a current student at Chapman University (any major, any year) with an interest in learning more about optics, computer architecture, and digital information processing, reach out to Professor Harrison. If you are interested in applying to Chapman for grad school and working with Professor Harrison, reach out before applying. Come help us build something great!

Past Members

Brittney Kuhn

Then: Communication Studies, Chapman

After: Health and Strategic Communication M.S.

Connor Lydon

Then: Data Analytics & Business, Chapman


Sophia Crawford

Then: Data Science, Chapman

After: Comparative International Education, Chapman